Over Baustein

Baustein is the artist name of Wouter Berghmans. Born and raised in Germany, Baustein’s musical parents and 3 sisters inspired him playing his first notes on the piano at the age of 4. “Blame my oldest sister 😉 me playing the guitar! She had a spare ticket and took her little bro to some guys called … the Ramones. I can still remember this concert as if it was yesterday : a small kid paralyzed from the first until the last notes :p !” Listening to guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Slash and Joe Satriani, as a teenager he earned his first guitar by working as a DJ. After high school Baustein studied jazz-music in Belgium for 3 years, though his great passion always remained playing and performing pop and rock music. “I really enjoyed studying and playing jazz at Jazz-Studio Antwerp. I’ve learned so much with all these great and talented musicians!”

Eager to explore the music business he moved to Hollywood Los Angeles where he graduated at Musicians Institute of Technology in performing, songwriting & music business by Kenny Kerner (producer KISS). His time in LA turned out to be the most important period of his life. Baustein learned things that would change his whole style of music to his own. “My biggest influences were my private guitar teachers Daniel Gilbert, Ken Steiger and Neal Nagaoka. They really showed me the depths of music in styles like rock, heavy, pop, funk and fusion. But also Kenny Kerner was a real hero to me : he taught me all dos and don’ts of the music business, and guided me into the right direction as a songwriter and musician.” Improving his knowledge of the record industry, he worked during his studies in Hollywood atSonic Images Records owned by world-famous electronica pioneer Christopher Franke (Tangerine Dream, Babylon 5). Over the years Baustein improved his skills not only as a musician, but also as a songwriter, composer, producer and performer from pop, rock to electronica music. “The most important thing in music to me is not the style or technical level, but musical chemistry. Therefore I love writing, producing and playing music with artists, musicians and DJ’s in different styles ranging from pop, rock, heavy rock up to electronica like dance, techno, house, etc.”

The past years Baustein has been busy writing and producing music, while playing live concerts with several bands. Currently he finilazes his latest electro rock solo project for Manic Youth feat. Baustein : a new musical concept between a DJ-set and live band, fully fl exible and dynamic, with live & on-the-fl y song building and structure, where he can immerse himself as a composer and guitarist. Live/tour dates available soon!